About Us

Viavic Express Inc., a global logistics company that is your key not only to efficient freight management but also to solutions for your shipping challenges. Viavic Express' wide range of services encompasses all methods of land, sea and air transportation as required. Contact us to discuss your shipping criteria in detail.

Since its inception in 1982, VIAVIC EXPRESS has always adhered to a stringent policy concerning the complete satisfaction of its customers. As a global logistics company, our ultimate goal is to fulfill the transportation and shipping needs of our clientele to the best of our abilities. Our firm commitment to the highest standard of quality and customer service is reflected in our operational procedures as well as the continuous improvement to our computer systems and communications.

When choosing VIAVIC EXPRESS, our ONE-CALL service allows you to entrust to our care not only your shipments, but also all the various steps entailed in the transport of your merchandise. Knowing that we will handle all the details involved, a call is all that is required for a worry-free shipment from pick-up to delivery.

Our experienced team of transport consultants is at your service to analyze your needs and to recommend the best solutions to your shipping problems while factoring in quality control, cost efficiency and time sensitivity issues. VIAVIC EXPRESS has the flexibility and service range to offer any means of transport which effectively addresses your shipping criteria while offering you very competitive rates.

Our dedicated personnel provide superior sales and customer service in order to prove the VIAVIC EXPRESS commitment to its clientele. Our code of ethics is based on team work, providing each and every customer with the collective efforts and contributions of the entire staff.

We would like to invite you to challenge our capabilities and develop a business synergy with us. We are confident that VIAVIC EXPRESS will become your most comprehensive and reliable logistics tool.



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